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Selected Text from Social Media posts
Script for audio:

Our songs are our prayers to God.

Hey ya, Hey ya

The drum is the instrument we use to speak to God.

I was praying. We stand and sing “strong hearts to the front.”

you stood your ground with dignity. Today

Tomorrow Every damn daystand in the power of peace; this is not passive.

authorized in spirit, turn the other cheek, did not retreat, did not aggress prayer diffused a volatile,

racially charged situation.

The greatest privilege Whiteness

Is the presumption of innocence.

The smirk is just so chilling. My god. Very grateful to the people who got out their cameras. The

evidence is important, and we can't look away from it anymore. This is bigger than and always

has been.

It’s about viewed and treated as less than human.

traditional sacred songs still viewed as savage & our mere presence viewed as an inherent threat.

This is about we …othered on our lands & about our humanity. “When I was there singing

I heard them saying Hey Ya, Hey Ya

they play the tomahawk chop twice This is the face of a real human being. What the rest of us

should strive to be we stand against hate

Always a group, yeah

They bond in defense of their horrors. It guts me.

People like this will say and do things in a mob that they would NEVER say or do alone.

It’s about hate vs hate you stood your ground Black "fake"

One of the Black Hebrews Israelites says “Indian means savage” It’s about hate vs hate

They shout “Incest babies, racist garbage” the black KKK

It’s a symbolic moment like hoses being used on black folk Chocolate Jews

They believe African Americans are God's chosen people" that's how the Nazis thought Black

people are always violent and hateful

they think the world owes them something.

Well let me tell you the past is the past and it can’t be changed at all why can’t people move on

from things that happened ‘so long ago Must have been the way we were raised

putting that energy into making this country really great So great, so great

It shouldn’t take trauma for us to pay attention

I’ve thought a lot about how to process and heal after what happened remind me again which

America was first

This is indigenous land I stand

peaceful old native American

rewind, scratch that Tonto

looks like a 1 fanged rattle snake taking on the Yeehaw boys

walks up to a kid's face beating his drum he didn’t do anything he just stood there

Singing a number one hit song, 7000 years running Hey Ya, Hey Ya

100% pure Pretendians.

mistaking one of the Yeehaw boys for his long-lost Ranger friend Dances with Magas

white supremacy and settler colonialism

Where are you getting this fake narrative from that it was a "confrontation The sad part is the

blatant ignorance of the kids.

Where are the adults.

harassing the students, trying to get them to react violently

The smirk is just so chilling. My god. Very grateful to the people who got out their cameras. The

evidence is important, and we can't look away from it anymore.

It's okay to smile. It's okay to be White.

They shall wear the mark of the beast on their forehead

if a white male got into the face of a young black male or a young Indian, they would be

commended for just smirking and standing their ground silently

Stand your ground

I’ve seen smirks like that. Usually in pictures of lunch counters in Alabama, or in 1938 Germany.

They usually all portray a group (always a group) of white men smirking or laughing as they

intimidate old Jewish men, or young black men.

When you smilin', when you smilin The whole world smiles with you

I am Caucasian and this display of cowardice by the young men hiding behind white privilege

outrages me

Stand your ground

Hey kid with the stupid red’s not your ground

it's not your ground. You are all colonialists. Show some respect and be a better guest I stand with

all indigenous people. I know white supremacy when I see it.

I stand in solidarity

This boy did nothing wrong. Cry me a river.

Get over it it’s just a damn hat you idiots

Tear that shit down

spreading propaganda Fake news

Keep spreading the lies and hatred

Just more of your typical racial victimizing by the Socialist Elitist Media Here you go!

Manufactured victim

political back-and-forth isn’t what changes the tide its corporate media

How many more manufactured hate crimes before white America wakes up sue them for millions

let's make him famous

Is this reality?

So, nothing happened Social media do your thing.

The world is too big for this to be the main news The world has lost their minds

The evidence of it is everywhere, all over the world. HUMAN RACE

You represent the best of us

Thank you for reminding the people of the USA that the entire world is watching us America is

one messed up place people

Our country has learned nothing

Tribalism kept our group safe over that other group and now it'll be the end of us al let us not grow

weary in doing good

embodiment of the centuries-long struggle for respect and humanity

Ahéhee' for being the embodiment of our Native communities' historical & continued

perseverance in the face of hate.

In the faces of those who think this is how you make our country "great". In the face that promises

that this hate continues in the next generation For everyone trying to change the narrative


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