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Project Info

"OUR WAY, ROUTE 2021" is a soundwalk project that offers a 2021 route to be held by the land, honoring our way of life, family, traditions, tribal community, and ancestors. The route is Joe's journey traveling from his family home in Naschitti, NM, to Hweeldi-Fort Sumner, NM. The Fort Sumner site holds a painful past for Dine' people, which still resonates today. The Dine' people were marched from their homes, and these collective routes are known as the Long Walk. "Our Way" is a personal route navigating cultural ways of being and honoring protocols while speaking to the resilience and strength of our past and present through the humble act of walking and listening. The 2021 route is a reinscription offering a current memory to be held by the land and aims to activate Indigenous perspectives and dialogue about connecting to the Land and Place using the body, digital technology, audio mapping, and locative media.

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