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Phoenix Indian School 
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Historical Links per Tammy Parker-Credit
Please see the following webpage links that have downloadable copies of Phoenix Indian School's early publication by the students, The Native American, that gives insight to the day to day happenings at the school.  You can also find references to the school via the Library of Congress’ Chronicling America website of historic newspapers such as the attached 1921 local articles about the school’s Memorial Hall to be built and features of the school during that time.
The Native American, 1904 (only covers and 2 interior pages):
The Native American, 1905:
The Native American, 1906:
The Native American, 1908:
The Native American, 1909:  
The Native American, 1911:
The Native American, 1914:
The Native American, 1916:
Other related books, photos and resources:
1908 Panorama View of Phoenix Indian School, Phoenix, Ariz. (California Panorama Co., c1908 from The Library of Congress):   (this is the phenomenal photo I spoke of that looks from the Dining Hall area to the south towards Phoenix, remember Phoenix would be 3 miles in the distance – you can zoom in to see the school buildings and landscape).
The Library of Congress has online photos and site plans of Phoenix Indian School (1895, 1934, and 1988) from the NPS Historic American Buildings Survey:
Course of Study for The Indian Schools of the United States, Industrial and Literary, 1901 (Supt. of Indian Schools, Government Printing Office):
Heard Museum’s online photo archive: